Breakfast on a wintry New England Sunday: David Eyre’s pancake

Get Out your Big Cast Iron Skillet and Go!

Get Out your Big Cast Iron Skillet and Go!

David Eyre’s Pancake: One of the most frequently asked for recipes in the New York Times.
The “pancake” is cooked in a sizzling hot cast iron skillet with ingredients from even a poorly-stocked kitchen: flour, milk, eggs, butter and butter. Google the recipe–it’s all over the web. A bit of sifted powdered sugar on top and a squeeze of lemon complete the  the deliciousness.

About judyinboston

I am likely the only person you will ever meet who was born in Montana. I grew up on the High Plains of Colorado and moved down to Houston to pick up a B.A. in English from Rice University. After a stint in Chicago, I moved to New England where I spent twenty-plus years as an Information Systems nerd, a natural choice for an English major. Analytic skills are transferable to any occupation and helped me survive Dilbert-like re-engineering projects and the Millennium Bug. In my writing, I like to put a literary spin on technology, and to show technology’s humor and quirkiness along with its scary aspects. When I’m not writing, cooking or digging in the garden, I’m on a Baltic beach or at Burning Man in the Nevada desert researching my next novel. Some of the groups I belong to are Toastmasters, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America and New England PEN. I’m also a founding member of the New England Crime Bake Mystery Conference.
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